After installation, please follow this guide on how to setup the VirtueMart JDEV Reviews Module.

  1. In the Administrator section navigate to Extensions->Modules

  2. Click on New

  3. Select JDEV VirtueMart Reviews

  4. Fill in the following fields under the Module Tab

    • Title - The Module Title
    • Position - Select the modules position on where to place this Module
    • Status - Set to Published
    • Reviews Per Slide  - How many reviews to show per slide. If there are 8 in total and this option is set to 2, then 2 reviews will be shown per slide.
    • Review Limit  - Maximum amount of reviews to be displayed in the carousel slider.
    • VirtueMart Review Description Limit  - The maximum amount of characters to show per review before it's cut by an ellipse.
    • Disable carousel slider - Whenever the slider is disabled, the carousel will not function and the number of reviews displayed will be determined by the review limit.

  5. Under the Menu Assignment tab select on which pages to display the JDEV Reviews Module

  6. Select the Advanced tab.

    Under this tab there will be an option Include OWL Carousel 2 Plugin.

    This extension makes use of the Owl Carousel 2 plugin. If your Joomla install already has an instance of Owl Carousel 2 installed, then this option may be turned off. In the event where this option is turned off and no Owl Carousel 2 plugin is detected, then the widget will become static with no scrolling functionality.

  7. Click on Save to apply all changes