User GeoIP Location Menu Item Redirect

Version 1.1.1
Maturity Stable
Release Date 2020-01-05 00:00
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  • Fixed corrupt MaxMind GeoLite2 Database file.


  • Added parameter for multilingual sites.


  • Fix bug that prevented redirection when SEF has been turned off in Joomla.
  • Updated the GeoLite2 database.


  • Added in Cache Control to notify browser not to cache the response/ request.
  • Fixed PHP notices.
  • Updated the GeoLite2 database.
  • Removed - 300 - Multiple Choice - Did not redirect.


  • Added Province/ State support. It's now possible to redirect users based on IP state/province. Accuracy depends upon the MaxMind GeoLite2 City database.


  1. Download the latest User GeoIP Location Menu Item Redirect file.

  2. Extract the downloaded file.

  3. After extraction you will have the following two plugin installation files:

  4. Upload both these plugins using the standard Joomla extension install feature.

    In the Administrator backend select Extensions->Manage->Install

  5. Select the Upload Package File tab and upload the plugin zip files and

  6. Both Plugins will be Published by default. These can manually be Unpublished using the Joomla! Extension Manager. To Unpublish or Publish navigate to Extensions->Manage->Manage, search for Location GeoIP and set your desired status.

  7. The System - Location GeoIP Menu Item Redirect plugin is responsible for the actual redirection, and needs to be published for the redirection to work.

  8. The Content - Location GeoIP Menu Item Redirect plugin adds additional form fields to all menu items, allowing for configurering the GeoIP user redirects.

  9. Navigate to the Menu item you wish to Geographically redirect based on the country code looked up using the users IP address. You will notice that there's a new tab namely Location IP Menu Redirect

  10. Click on the Location IP Menu Redirect tab and set all Redirect Items using the + "plus" button.

  11. Multiple country redirects can be set per menu item together with the respective HTTP Redirect Type/s.

    NOTE: If no redirect has been configured, or if the users GeoIP country code does not exist within the countries to redirect form field, then the user won't be redirected and will remain on the current page.