User Field Values In Articles - Joomla 3.0


Shows Joomla! user field values in articles.

The user field values in articles Joomla! component with it's supporting plugins gives the user and site administrator the ability to easily add Joomla! user field values and most common custom user field type values to an article or content with ease. The fields are added by means of short codes which can either be added manually or using the supporting content editor button.

For example If we want to display the currently logged-in users email address, then an email short code "{{ud_email}}" is added to the content which will then be replaced with the currently logged in users email address field value. If we want to display the email address for a specific user we prepend the users user id to the email short code e.g. {{userid:1_ud_email}}. This will show the email address for the user with id 1. This Joomla! extension has the capability to provide Joomla! users with the ability to display different content for authenticated "logged-in" users and non authenticated "guest" users by means of content blocks using short codes and placeholders. This component together with it's supporting plugins are easy to use and install. The functionality has been developed specifically for the JCE editor and the default Joomla! TinyMCE editor but should work on other Joomla! supported editors as well.


Shows user field values in articles and content.
Display user specific details within content and articles by adding in short codes also known as placeholders for user field values.
Display user field values for currently logged in user, as well as user field values for a specific user by prepending the user id to the short code.
Display custom user field data in content and articles. The following custom user field types are supported:
  • calendar
  • editor
  • text
  • color
  • integer
  • user
  • list
  • url
  • textarea
  • usergrouplist

Other custom user field types to be added in future or on request.

Date formatting. Using PHP's date formatting options, you can format a date in a specific format if you have dates in specific fields.
Ability to display different content/ fields for authenticated "logged-in" and non authenticated "guest" users by means of content blocks using short codes.
Show content to logged in users only.
Show content to guest users only.
Includes a easy to use content button to easily add short codes/ placeholders to content and articles. These short codes will then be replaced with the actual user data on page load.
Short codes/ placeholders can be added manually.
Works with the JCE editor and default TinyMCE editor. Other Joomla! compatible editors should work as well.
All available short codes and placeholders can be viewed via the User Field Values In Articles component. Can be used as a online reference guide.
No coding knowledge is required.
Easy to use and install. 
Online documentation. 
Lifetime license.
Uses the Joomla! Update System.
Forum/ Email Support.
Joomla! User Fields and Custom User Field Values In Articles is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2 or later.