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Toggle in Search Highlight

1 year 9 months ago - 1 year 9 months ago #10 by Det550
Toggle in Search Highlight was created by Det550
First I have to say, I have been working on my site since 2002 and personally took over the site in 2012. The site is a history site, so I have been wanting something like this since 2012 because we do a lot of research and searching our own site, or sending others to the site is important, So where we used to have to explain Ctrl F now we have a box to help them just type in what they want and everything is there.. What I am hoping to have considered, is a way to use arrow keys to tab left right arrow for next previous, because the floating find box doesn't look as nice and stationary box causes an issue of having to scroll back to the box to hit next, in short it kinda sucks, but I love it, it is a beautiful program/extension, I just think it could be better. Let me give and example, I know an officers name is William, I search the page for William, then tab through frim one to the next to find my William, or I know a badge number is 8138 I can scroll/tab to find 8138 then look to see who carried that badge number. Same for call box numbers, post numbers etc. This is a beautiful program/extension that helps us describe how to better research using the page, and with our search box on the same page, this really is a beautiful extension. We just need to be able to Tab arrow left right for previous or next on the search results. , I changed my highlight colors both to the same highlighter yellow and just use the scroll up and down the page, but it would be so nice you use left right arrows to tab through the found search result,. Any idea how i could add that, or suggest it for future versions.

Thanks for this I have been looking for it for the last 8 or 9 years, I hope to be able to tweak it for a nicer research ability.

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1 year 9 months ago #11 by jdev-extensions
Replied by jdev-extensions on topic Toggle in Search Highlight
Thank you for the positive feedback and highlighting the short comings. Feedback such as this is always appreciated as it helps us to improve our extensions.

The a a variety of reasons why the floating search box is giving problems, and would require debugging from our site. It could be that the styles/ JavaScript is clashing on your site or something else.

However we did improve the module to allow for left and right arrow key navigation. This has been released with version 1.0.9. Once updated it can be activated via the configuration section of the module.

Please let us know if this helps, and feel free to get in touch should any problems/ errors occur.

JDEV Extensions.

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